Noa Eshkol Foundation


The Noa Eshkol Foundation For Movement Notation was established in 2008 according to the will and testament of Noa Eshkol. It is located at Eshkol’s historic home in Holon, Israel, which was – and still is – the center of collaborative study on Eshkol-Wachman Movement Notation (EWMN) and Eshkol’s dance repertoire.

The foundation sees to the conservation and accessibility of the Noa Eshkol Archive – an unparalleled resource of primary source materials on Eshkol-Wachman Movement Notation and the history of the Noa Eshkol Chamber Dance Group. Its mission also includes the promotion of academic scholarship on Eshkol-Wachman Movement Notation, the care and sale of the hundreds of wall carpets made by Noa Eshkol, and the support of the Noa Eshkol Chamber Dance Group. The foundation initiates movement workshops, performances, lectures, consultation and assistance in EWMN, exhibitions and special projects.

In her time, Noa Eshkol and her colleagues worked under the umbrella of The Movement Notation Society, a body that Eshkol founded in 1968. Today, the Noa Eshkol Foundation for Movement Notation is the only authorized organization to carry out Noa Eshkol’s expressed wishes concerning her legacy.


Foundation Chairman
Mooky Dagan

Foundation Members
Mooky Dagan, Michal Shoshani, Ruth Sella, Diana Shoef,
Dr. Hanoch Elran, Tama Shochat, Natalia Dmitrenko

Chamber Dance Group Directors
Rachel Nul-Kahana, Ruti Sela

Noa Eshkol Archive Founding Director
Michal Shoshani

Noa Eshkol Archive Digitization Team
Mor Bashan and Maya Pasternak


Contributions provide essential funding for special projects, exhibitions, Chamber Dance Group workshops, and educational programs. They allow The Noa Eshkol Foundation for Movement Notation to conserve and share the cultural legacy of Noa Eshkol in the fields of dance composition, movement notation and contemporary art to audiences in Israel and abroad. As a non-profit organization registered in Israel, the foundation is appreciative of local and international support.

Your contributions are welcome in any amount and can be processed easily via check, bank transfer, or Paypal. International donations may be tax-deductible in your home country via fiscal sponsorship.

To support our work or get more information please contact us by phone at 035042443 or via email at


The conservation and digitization of the Noa Eshkol Archive is made possible through the generous support of The Israel Lottery Council For Culture & Arts and the Ostrovsky Family Fund.